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I have been chasing what I would call the "holy grail" for audiophiles.... a crystal clear inner sleeve.
Why a clear inner sleeve? Well, if you are using a dual pocket sleeve, do you really want to look at a frosted or paper inner sleeve and hide that colored vinyl coming? Also picture discs have had a bad time of it due to most of them shipping with a PVC sleeve and I think everyone understands that PVC shouldn't be used to store records.
For some time now I have had many discussions, laboratory testing and experimental films in development. Well, I'm happy to say that I have finally settled on a film that has the properties of HDPE (including anti-static additive) but is crystal clear. The picture shows the visual difference between an HDPE inner sleeve and the clear inner sleeve. This film is proprietary and only available to me.
I offering this inner sleeve in 4 mil thickness to minimize crumpling when sliding the sleeve into the album or outer sleeve. The first release will be the traditional square open at one end sleeve with a 1/8" lead-in and the integrated flap style.
I have also found that a lot of my printed inner sleeves fit nicely inside of the standard square sleeve. This is nice, as it allows people to read it, without actually touching the printed material.
And as always, this material is fully recyclable, where facilities exist (almost everywhere) for class PP 5.