Tuesday, February 24, 2015


This is a free 24 disc set designed to accompany Kevin Howlett's book The BBC Archives. Each disc can be stored in a separate case, or they can be placed in slim cases and housed in the box intended for the book.

The set includes every known surviving BBC radio music and interview appearance from 1962-1970, plus guest appearances by other acts, and (as bonus items) interviews with those involved in the sessions. The sessions are arranged chronologically, with several Special Editions including the complete 5th birthday Saturday Club, The Beatles Abroad, all of the group's appearances on the Top Of The Pops radio series up to 1970, the BBC Beatles Night in December 1963, and a dvd of their surviving BBC tv appearances.

All tracks have been pulled from the best possible sources including original transcription discs and tapes. Dropouts, mains hum and other annoyances have been carefully removed. Noise reduction has not been used, although some sources had nr burned in. Early fades have all been fixed where possible.

A number of upgrades are included, plus some previously unheard guest appearances. And as a special bonus, a selection of never before heard continuity from the Light Program and Home Service is included, giving a bird's eye view into the hilariously stuffy state of British radio in the early 1960s.

The links are temporary. All fans are encouraged to distribute this set freely before some Japanese bootlegger gets hold of it. If you have not bought Kevin's excellent book yet then show your support by doing so, and as a bonus you'll have a nice box to house the set in (note: purchase the UK version of the book, not the US version which is smaller and will not fit the discs). Everyone doubtless by now owns On Air, but if not then please also show your support by snapping up a copy.

This is a fan project not a bootleg.