Saturday, June 01, 2019


May 18, 2019
Beatle Fans have heard these songs on Anthology 1,2&3 and from many bootlegs.Some of these songs where demo versions finished and unfinished.Some songs were recorded with good sound quality and some the sound was for hard core fans only.Well the band AppleJam has fixed this problem by recording and sometimes finishing these unreleased songs written during the White Album sessions.What is amazing is when AppleJam finished a partial song it sounds faithful to how the Beatles would and could have finished these songs if they had taken more time in the studio.I find Off The White Album more interesting than the real Beatles finishing off the songs Real Love and Free as a Bird.This is what the White Album would have sounded like if it had been a 3 album set.It only took 50 years and a band called AppleJam to make a new Beatle album possible.Thanks Guys you don't know how much we old Beatle fans love this new album.I can not wait for AppleJams next release.