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  available May 14

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Rubber Soul (folk) (Dave Dexter)

Very Rare 
check your local Vinyl record shop to find this treasure

 The best way to tell if a pressing features the East Coast Mix is to check the record matrices: affected copies feature the letter W or X in the matrix number (i.e. ST1-2442-W4P), signifying the New York plant. 

It may be possible to differentiate by checking the cover: the “New Improved Full Dimensional Stereo” logo at the top of the cover appears in black text against a white background in the East Coast Mix, above the photo which is therefore shortened, as opposed to appearing in brown/orange text against the dark brown background of the cover photo.

Brian Wilson was "blown away" by this record

Thursday, March 18, 2021




Filmmaker Peter Jackson presents restored, never-before-seen footage of the
 Beatles during their recording sessions of the album "Let It Be."