Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Beatles Rarity


What did George Martin mean by a shorter 'White Album' or where did the Beatles' 'Drop T' logo come from or who played the harmonica on "Apple Scruffs?" 
These are the kinds of questions I tackle each week on #askNat,. 
Check out some past #askNats at this link:

What about YOUR Beatles question? That is ANYthing you have always wondered about the greatest rock band ever.
I invite you to ask me - I'm Nat. #Ask Nat whatever Beatles-related question you want and if it's a question I haven't gotten to yet, there's a good chance 
I'll put it up on After I give you my 2 cents others will chime in and add to the discussion. From the site, click the Request link in the dark green menu at the top of the page and mark it as an #askNat - you'll see how once you're there and just type me your question. That's about it. It's historical, educational, easy and fun.
 And it's BEATLES! It's one cool part of TheBeatlesRarity. Think about your question and send it in to me soon! :-) 'Night folks....