Sunday, October 30, 2005

Paul McCartney's - Jenny Wren

First time ever at Fab 4 Radio one song has received 10 out 10 Stars (Exceptional) for the last 30 days - Voted on by the Fab 4 Radio Listeners

Jenny Wren

Like so many girls, Jenny Wren could sing
But a broken heart, took her song away

Like the other girls, Jenny Wren took wing
She could see the world, and it's foolish ways

How, we, spend our days, casting, love aside
Losing, sight of life, day, by, day

She saw poverty, breaking up her home
Wounded warriors, took her song away

(solo) verse, chorus

But the day will come, Jenny Wren will sing
When this broken world, mends its foolish ways

Then we, spend our days, catching up on life
All be-cause of you, Jenny Wren

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Listen To What The Fan Says

Hi…I would like to say thanks for all of the good music from The Beatles. This is very special radio station and im very glad to have it everyday. I enjoy the good choice of music selections that comes from Fab 4 Radio . I'm from Cuba and we have in Havana a nice John Lennon sculpture in a local park. This sculpture reminds us of all those things that his music represents for the world.

Hello FAB 4 RADIO I have a bunch of song requests:

"Paul McCartney is 64," Bruce Baert & Tony Barron
"When I'm 64," Beatles -- Sgt. Pepper's version
"Here, There and Everywhere," Beatles
"Hey Jude," Beatles
"Gimme Some Truth," John Lennon
"Let me Roll it, Paul McCartney
"Nobody Told Me," John Lennon

thanks...luv your station...

HI!I'M FROM SPAIN.....................I LOVE THE BEATLES

Hey Fab 4 Radio goodstuff ! Is the Hamburg Jukebox your own mix? Keep it up , how about a edited version of the Magical Mystery Tour sound track , you know, with bits of dialogue as well as the music , just an idea, any way good station . I live in the UK. cheers

Hi my name is David and I am from the UK (England) and I am a big fan of the Beatles but my favorite is Ringo. Could you play more Ringo songs more often please and some more George Harrison songs aswell, especially BANGLADESH because that's my favorite Harrison song. Also, play more Beatles oldies and Sgt. Peppers LHCB. But remember to play more Ringo songs, but mainly play (It don't Come Easy) please!! Thanks A Lot !!
Kind Regards,

I love Fab4Radio on live365!
I see you are in Mpls? I live in MN too, and I'm a HUGE Beatles fan.
Awesome station, I'm hooked! I'm going to tell my friends about it.

Hi, I just stumbled upon this site. Could you play a song for me? It's from Red Rose Speed Way called "One more Kiss" I never here it and only have it on LP. Hope you can play it for me.

I enjoy the playlist of Beatles, solo songs and covers alot.
Thanks for the good tunes."

"I wept tears of joy when I found your station. By all means, carry on and on and onĂ‚…."

Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your station very
Im also a huge Beatles Fan...:)
Great tracks, nice flow to the program.
Keep up the great work!"

"A big fan from up north who enjoys your channel VERY MUCH". Great
variety and
resources. It's my number one preset! In fact I don't know why I have
presets as I never go to the others."

" We listen everyday to this wonderful station and we love the Macca report updates"

"We are enjoying this site very much.
Keep playing this great music."

"Listen every day at work. Listening right now.
Web site - very nice, I had not visted the actual web site in a long time. I just click on to Live 365 and I have your station preset.
News articles are cool."

"Thanks again for making our workplace enjoyable with the music you play.
Some more requests for you to add to your list for future considerations."

I love your station on Live 365!
I have a question...there was a track played today
called In the First Place(original Abbey Road Mix) by
Remo 4...who is this?
It sounds like McCartney.

I need to know the name of the song that played today around 2pm right
"baby you're a rich man"! the song after rich man was magical mystery
tour if that helps too
Thanks alot!

Got a chance to listen to your Beatles station today. Good job! And thanks for listing mine as one of your favorites. Good luck!

Wow, we can't thank you enough for taking the time to respond to our E Mail and even make changes.

We listen to Fab 4 Radio's music Every day while at work.
First of all, THANK YOU very much for taking the time to put this together. We are a huge Beatles and specifically McCartney fans here.

I run this one all the time - I like the variety....

I can't thank you enough for this station. I just love it! They just played "Piggy in the Middle", my favorite song by the Rutles, a little while ago, and now they're playing a version of From Me to You that I've never heard before. I just keep it running all day long, even if I'm away from the computer. It's great music to do housework to!