Wednesday, July 31, 2013


KLAUS VOORMANNS LATEST ALBUM COVER: Anyone reading this knows that Klaus Voormann was the man behind the Beatles' “Revolver” album cover. Come September, his work will be on another cover paying tribute to the Beatles. The album is Achim Schultz's “HeartBeat,” which will be released in September. The album has two tributes to George Harrison, a cover of “My Sweet Lord” and Schutlz's “Bye Bye George Harrison.” Of “My Sweet Lord,” Schultz says, “I thought about George Harrison a lot and began playing around with 'My Sweet Lord'. I recorded it just for fun, but when a few of my musician friends heard it they liked it so much and the recording made its way onto the album.” He says the acoustic guitar on the song and that was used all through the album was also designed by Voormann himself.