Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Equal to the Love You Make

Our new book, Equal to the Love You Make, explores in detail
the size and variety of markets that have formed around the
Beatle's music and personalities. These markets include tribute
bands, memorabilia, lecturers and Beatles-themed festivals and
cruises. The value generated from each of these markets is also
explored and reported.
The book contains full-color images and detailed profiles of 15
market segments including Beatles-themed restaurants,
conventions and cruises; dedicated radio shows and
newsletters; tribute bands; stage and digital shows;
applications and software; university courses and speakers;
art; film and television; and memorabilia. Taken together, the
book paints a rich portrait of a highly passionate and loyal
multi-generational fan base.
At the conclusion of the book, the authors discuss the lessons
that can be learned from the incredible breadth and depth of
the Beatles brand.
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Recent reviews:
"Equal to the Love You Make" delivers an entertaining account
and perspective on the history of the Beatles' enduring brand. This
well-researched, informative book is an excellent resource to
students, educators, and Beatles enthusiasts!”
“This book was recommended to me by a friend and I found it
captivating. Whether you're a Beatles fan or not (and who isn't?!)
I'm sure you'll find it to be both entertaining and enlightening. The
authors have done extensive research into the Beatles brand to
create a comprehensive case study into how a single pop culture
entity has the ability to live way beyond its years and extend into
so many different industries and realms. Beyond their music, the
book digs deep into the enormous subsequent markets that have
grown in films, television, theater and stage shows, books, art,
lecturers, college courses, museums and tours, conventions and
cruises, and even restaurants dedicated to the Beatles. A great read
- highly recommended for anyone studying marketing and brand