Friday, June 01, 2018


The #1 internet Beatles radio station!

Hello Ed, we've listened to our rendition of "Handle With Care"broadcasted by Fab 4 radio. It was a great emotion, especially for my sons. We all like so much the radio; we appreciate so much the chance to hear alternate or rare versions of famous tracks and related artist's songs as well. I particulary like the Apple Jam; I've suggested to my sons to work on unfinished songs, but you know, they're very young so they know mainly the famous songs and they love to play them, but Apple Jam'swork on unfinished demos is amazing!!! In a word, we'e become massive fans of Fab 4 radio!!! 
Thanks a lot once again. Cheers 

To hear lots of Apple Jam songs along with everything Beatles, be sure to listen! — with Sara Lenth RosetaDennis McMurtrieBeatle EdRick LovrovichSteven RosetaJohnny JonesDoug KilishekJakael Tristram and

Congratulations FAB4RADIO.COM!
Your station (FAB4RADIO) has been selected from our Directory to be a Featured Station in your Oldies genre'. We Take Pride in the selection of Featured Stations, and you should as well as it is a great accomplishment and it stands as proof of your hard work and dedication to this craft and is recognized by your industry peers.
Again we say a hardy Congratulation to you! Keep up the good work.
It was super easy for me.  I have Fab4Radio on throughout my workday, almost every day (I know, I’m obsessed) so I actually heard a bunch of the clues before I decided to enter.  I supposed if you had a more pricey prize (e.g. a Beatles or McCartney box set), then maybe you might want to make it a little more challenging.  But this one was a piece of cake.

Tody we give thanks for all of the good things that we the Beatles and Beatle Ed who keeps the Beatle fire burning 24/7! Thank you, Beatle Ed!

Put your Beatles records, tapes, and CDs away. You do not need them anymore!

Tune in to:

The #1 internet Beatles radio station!


I love rare McCartney music you guys play - Scotland

This is the Beatles station of all time - Wisconsin 

Listen late night Sunday love all of the programs - best on the www Florida / USA

24/7 listening to my old collection memories WOW!! this is amazing every hour it's getting better all the time London - England

I never heard so many great rare Beatles songs in a row/China

play more McCartney Live songs - love the station, I tell everyone about it Palm Springs,CA

This is the best Beatles radio show anywhere in the world -- Washington

hey a quick note --- I loved your McCartney month!
How much fun was that - I hope Paul and his band heard about this
Love Wingman

Now this is what i am talking about... All Beatles  all the time.
I know about the other stations but,
this station has the timing and grouping of the right songs together all the time
ROCK ON !!!!!
FAB4RADIO - fan for life!!!!

WOW!!! What a blast from the past. This radio station brings me back to the day of radio listening for my the Beatles - John, Paul George and Ringo song.
keep on playing so many of the great songs and sounds.

I love listening to FAB4RADIO - there are so many great musical surprises every day
keep up the fabulous sounds

HI there!
Got the "NEW" McCartney CD and I'm extremely happy with it.

Fab4radio rocks! 

I live in Northwest Connecticut. Fab4Radio has a great selection of Beatles and solo 
listen all and night.

 Peggy White: Hey there Beatle Ed! So happy you got to see it in your home town of Minneapolis with your family and friends. You helped so much with Kickstarter to raise the funds to produce the film! Would not have happened if we had not made that goal!

What's not to like about Fab4Radio!! It's got everything you need,satisfaction guaranteed! Keep up the great work and bring it to all the countries!!!

I love because it is the best Beatles station, anywhere. You play all my favorite lesser-known Paul McCartney tracks and lots of live versions, and alternate and rare versions. Your programming is the best and it's not just the same Beatles songs over and over like you hear on regular stations. I appreciate what you do and am glad I can tune into Thanks for a great job!

Fab4radio is special to me because it doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing; if I have an internet connection and a pair of headphones/speakers I can always tune in and i can guarantee I will know and love every word from every song played. 

Love you fab4radio!

This is an easy one.  I like Fab4Radio because I've loved The Beatles since 1964 and I can hear them any time I want to on Fab4Radio.  There's nothing better than that! 


You played a live, with audience, version of Besame Mucho at about 12:35 am Eastern Time (US) on Sunday (about 5 mins ago as I'm writing this).  It sounded terrible, but it was the best version of that song that I have heard by The Beatles!  What on earth was that from?  It was not Star Club.  It sounded more like it was from some BBC show.  Do you have more from that show?  What other songs are even available from it?  I would love to hear more!

You are playing great stuff tonight, BTW.  Thanks and keep it up!
FAB4RADIO is the best... I love all of those songs and the rare tracks. This station is 24/7 anytime you need a Beatle fix listen to FAB4RADIO
Fab4Radio is special to me because of the great mix of music. Whether it's the Fab 4 or friends, the songs and interviews bring back a joyous time for me. I get the same feeling waiting for the next song on Fab4Radio as I got waiting for the next Beatles record! Keep up the great work! is special to me

I've been a Beatles fan since 1963

I can't get enough of the Fab Four

I want to hear more, more, more!

FAB4RADIO is truly fab

This to the world I want to blab

About the best group we ever had
And you know that can't be bad

I  really enjoyed your station to the utmost !!
I'm 56 years old been and have listening to the Beatles since I was 8 years old when I first saw them on Ed Sullivan.
From that time in 1964 up to present day 2012, I've enjoyed and have appreciated this music with all the available technologies available.
This includes the original vinyl records (which I still have), 4 and 8 track tapes, playtapes, cassette tapes, original compact discs from, 2009 Remasters on CD (Both in Mono and Stereo), and on ITunes.
I hope to get the Vinyl remasters shortly.
The point I'm making is that I feel very fortunate that the Beatles music has been accessible to all these technologies during all this time.
In my opinion, your station is very special and instrumental in promoting a deep appreciation and awareness of their music for upcoming generations.
When you add the sound quality, variety of music your station plays daily, along with the artwork and weblinks on your home page, your station is indeed very special.
Hi, Fab4Radio is special to me because I love The Beatles music and over the years they have gotten me through a lot of tough times in my life.  No matter how I felt whenever I heard the Beatles It always put a smile on my face and made things better. So Fab4radio is wonderful to hear. It always makes me feel better and smile. You guys are great!!! Hooray ! for Fab4radio !!!!!!
There should be a button for EXTRAORDINARY! Your station fits that word! I LOVE it soooooo much! Thank you as your programs are making a difference in my life!
 "I wept tears of joy when I found your station. By all means, carry on and on and on ........

Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your station very
Im also a huge Beatles Fan...:)
Great tracks, nice flow to the program.
Keep up the great work!"
 "A big fan from up north who enjoys your channel VERY MUCH". Great
variety and
resources. It's my number one preset! In fact I don't know why I have
presets as I never go to the others."
"We are enjoying this site very much.
Keep playing this great music."

We listen to Fab 4 Radio's music Every day while at work.
First of all, THANK YOU very much for taking the time to put this together. We are a huge Beatles and specifically McCartney fans here.
 I can't thank you enough for this station. I just love it! They just played "Piggy in the Middle", my favorite song by the Rutles, a little while ago, and now they're playing a version of From Me to You that I've never heard before. I just keep it running all day long, even if I'm away from the computer. It's great music to do housework to! 
 Hi Fab 4 Radio,
I've just been lazy today...been "doing nothing but aging" and been listening to all those George songs.

Dearest DJ,

I LOVE your radio station!! I listen to it at work - with headphones - and this serves to make my co-workers go away :)
 Thanks for putting so much Beatles stuff out there - I'm sure the time and money you spend on the station is quite the investment, but be assured that someone out there appreciates it.

 Dear Fab4Radio,
I am so happy to listen to the songs of "BEATLES" I live in a remote village in southern most end of India. Not very good in English but love Beatles since my child hood.

I must thank you
I finally got sick of the other Beatles radio stations...

So, I started listening to Fab4Radio

I didn't say that I was sick of listening to the Beatles after all...
 Fab4Radio…. is awesome….I love all the different tid bits that you use….its like John is live on the radio…its so great !!
 Its 3:34am here in Australia
But I haven’t been able to stop listening to Fab4Radio
You’ve got some great versions of songs.
 Hello from Dr. Ebbetts,
Fab Four Radio sounds terrific, as always. The flow is quite good, with a good sprinkling of eras and tempos. It quite literally keeps the interest of the listener. I listen To Fab 4 Radio when I am working on all of my projects.
 Ive been listening to McGear LP nonstop since I found it. Thanks for the great music and keep it up!